Tile Roof Cleaning – All You Need To Know

Year after year the roof of your home gets exposed to nature’s wrath and they begin looking dilapidated if not paid attention to. Tree sap and moss start accumulating on the roof tiles which makes the roof look ugly and old. The majority of us pays a whole lot of focus on cleaning windows, doors and floors of our house but has a tendency to overlook the roof since it is out of sight and from mind. Cleaning the tiles on your roof provides three major benefits:

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  1. Increases aesthetic value

Stains, Mildew and moss accumulate over time damaging the look of your roof in addition to the home. Such elements are kept by cleaning.

  1. Early detection of damages

When you begin cleaning the roof, you can discover a few of those damages which were caused to the construction of the roof tiles because of age, weather or other factors.

  1. Extends the life of your roof

After you can prime and paint the tiles that may help prevent additional accumulation of dirt and moss and increase durability of the roof tiles.

Tile Roof Cleaning Methods

Cleaning the roof tiles need expertise and skill of a specialist. An expert roof cleaning service will clean your tile roof in the following measures:

  1. First Power Washing

The First step would be to wash the roof tiles with pressure washer to remove the loose dirt, debris such as bugs, leaves and twigs. Pressure is applied in the ridge. The roof is allowed to dry out.

  1. Chemical Treatment

Power washing this time with water pressure that is less than the wash and with a mixture that is sprayed throughout the tiles. This procedure lets the chemical enter the pores of the tiles. It is recommended to allow the chemicals stay on the tiles for some time to let debris onto the tiles loosens up.

  1. Final Rinsing

The Washing may be the job of the procedure and is to wash off and remove the compounds. It depends upon the degree to along with the durability of the stains on the tile roofing company. Pressure is applied this time to remove stains and dirt from top to bottom of the roof.

  1. Fixing the Gutters

After Rinsing off the dirt and chemicals the thing that merits attention would be the gutters. Debris and the dirt collect in the gutters and have to be removed.

  1. Inspection and Repairing:

The Roof tiles are inspected for breakages or cracks. Damaged or broken roof tiles should be substituted.

  1. Resealing and Repainting

After Tiles, the cleaning is coated to guard them. Another solution is to repaint the tiled roof to find a brighter end.