Causes of Blocked Drains and Pipes – How to Prevent Them?

There is always a chance a drain or pipe problem will crop up at any point in almost any home. If action is taken by us early on to stop these issues we can prevent the aggravation these problems could contribute if they become something costly and important. Here are the common causes of pipes and blocked drains. Understanding these should help you develop preventative measures before they get worse.

blocked drains

Tree Roots

Roots of trees spread them and underground are usually attracted to areas. Leaky pipes and drains provide the moisture which tree roots are drawn to there are lots of instances where their growth is extended by follicles inside pipes and drains and cause blockages. If roots have grown in the pipe or drain, cutting them back to clear it would be a temporary fix because the roots cause the same problem repeatedly and could grow back. As the problem recurs that is likely to be expensive in the long term. The best thing to do is keep it watertight and leak-free as you can and to replace the area.

Leaves, Twigs and Other Garden Debris

Dead leaves Garden debris drains and are the causes of clogs in gutters. This is likely to take place during the fall season when leaves from trees drop in numbers. Check and clean drains and your gutters of garden debris from collecting to stop them and cause blockages.

Fats and Other Greasy Substances

Grease and fats stick to the sides of the drain pipe when poured down the drain. With time, other materials, like pieces of dirt and hair, get trapped in them and collect into a mass which will cause your drain passing to be blocked. To stop this from occurring, do not pour down the drain. Place in a container or bottle up them and toss them in the garbage bin.

Hair Strands

Hair tends to get tangled into matters like the interiors of your blocked drains pipes. After some time, they create a clog in your drain and accumulate to a heap, mixed with other substances. From building up to prevent them, make it a habit to pick up strands of hair after bathing or showering. It would help to perform a checking in your own drainage for materials.

Toilet Trash

Toilet rubbish like Cotton balls toilet paper soap pieces and other things can be for drains to be obstructed causes. These items can get stuck up in the drain conduit and cause a jam. Do not flush your garbage away. Always have a bin in your toilet rather than throwing them to put your trash. Be able to dispose of your crap properly in the event that you would like to prevent clogging on your drain.